Tuesday, October 4, 2016

There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want!

I guess the question I ask most is ‘… but what do you want?’ 
When you have to evaluate whether a job opportunity is the right one for you, you need to know what you are looking for.

Jobs come in all different shapes and sizes. Some will be the next step in your career, others will allow home working and the most interesting ones may require relocation. Every advantage will carry a disadvantage: the vacancy in a company close to your home may be less challenging or a step up the career ladder may require significant travel.

Therefor it is imperative that you determine up front what it is that you want, taking into account both the advantages and the disadvantages of your choices. That way you can objectively assess when I approach you whether the job opportunity matches your criteria.

The easiest way to go about it is to put your career criteria down on paper. This may sound abstract or too therapeutic but stating your vision or the requirements for your next job in a very specific way will help you in determining what you are looking for.
Be as specific as possible: I need a lot of personal interaction with people daily, I need to live within 20 minutes from work I need to have problem solving as a part of my daily work. These criteria will serve as the foundation to assess future job opportunities.

Knowing what you want is one thing; acting upon it is a totally different thing.

If you are out of a job and bills need to be paid, using your career criteria as decision maker is easier said than done. Keep in mind however that you don’t want your future employer to think that you will accept just any job. It will make you look desperate and who would want to hire someone like that…

You may also think that clearly stating what you are looking for will make you come across as arrogant. The main differentiator is in the way you bring your requirements to the table. If you come marching into my office with a list of needs and hard deal-breakers, then yes…I’ll consider you arrogant. However, if you pitch a balanced view on what your ideal future position would be, your requirements in relation to your values or the period in your life and possible blocking restrictions, you will come across as a professional, someone who is consciously thinking about his or her career and the impact it will have on both professional and private life. And let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather hire someone who thought things through, who knows what he or she is getting into?

Knowing what you want and making clear choices may very well be out of your comfort zone, but when it comes down to your career, it is the foundation.

Join me next time on the importance of chemistry when investigating a new job opportunity.

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