Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Could this be the right job opportunity for me?

When exploring new job opportunities, it’s important to realize as of the start that the grass is never greener on the other side. It is merely a different shade of green.
There are no tests that can guarantee that you will like a particular shade of green better but these 5 tips can help you in determining whether an opportunity is worth pursuing.

  • Determine your requirements

When a company drafts a job specification, they spent a lot of time defining what type of candidate they need. As a jobseeker, you can do a similar thing. Take a close look at what really matters to you. Are you looking for a job close to home? Is your main priority the opportunity to grow and to learn? Are you looking for a position that will allow a good work/life balance or do you want to travel frequently? Are you open to relocate?
You can use these requirements to evaluate an opportunity in an objective way.

  • Explore the company culture

The importance of a cultural fit may sound like a cliché but it will determine the success of a job change. Assessing a company culture is never easy as it evolves around unspoken rules and ways of working.
I would be stating the obvious when I tell you to do some research: review the website, have a look at the values, read employer reviews. Close observation however will reveal a whole lot more information: how do they treat you at the reception, are the employees that you meet in the corridors talking to each other, are office doors closed or open. You can also see glimpses of company culture in the types of questions you are being asked…

  • See how you connect with your boss and with the team.

Having your DNA match the company culture is important for long-term success. Having a connection with your future boss and feeling at home in the team is imperative to be successful as of the start. It all comes down to chemistry.  You must be able to walk out with the feeling that you will be able to find your unique spot in the team and that your manager will get the best out of you. Take your time to get to know your future boss by making it a two-way conversation. Ask if you can meet the other team members.

  • Money isn’t all that matters

Tempting as it may be to accept a job for the salary increase or a bigger car, having money play a decisive role in your decision-making is never a good idea. After a while the extra money or the full option car will loose its motivational force.
However, when you have found an opportunity that meets all your criteria, make sure that you get paid what you are worth and that you feel happy with the compensation package. Once you have accepted an offer, there is no room for renegotiating.

  • Follow your gut

This is probably the most important tip. If it does not feel right, if you have doubts during the selection process…take your time to find the answers. Trust your intuition when you need to decide whether to continue the process or to drop out. It is usually a very good guide.

Over the next few weeks I will be digging deeper into each of the tips. So let me know if you have any comments or remarks…they will, as always, be great food for thought.

I look forward to hearing from you,

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