Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Is it ok to contact you directly on your work e-mail?

Last week, I received an e-mail from a target candidate. He was so offended by the fact that I had contacted him on his work e-mail that he took the time to share his feelings with me…in very clear words…

I can fully understand that someone does not like to receive calls on their cell phone. Let’s face it, most of us are in an open space office and receiving a call from a headhunter is uncomfortable at best.
Or imagine that you are in the car…with your boss…and you get me on hands free. Such an approach might not be the right way to engage you in an exploratory conversation.

I tend to turn to e-mail to pitch my opportunity in the hope that you will be attracted by it, or curious at least.
Obviously, there is LinkedIn, which is an easy way to get in touch and that is usually the starting point. But we all know that not everyone checks his or her LinkedIn account on a regular basis. When you have the right profile for a position, chances are that I will take the time to dig up an e-mail address that I can use to contact you directly. And in most cases, your work e-mail will be the easiest to find.

There are several ways to respond to my pitch e-mail.
When you are interested in this or future opportunities but you prefer to stay in touch through a private e-mail address, you can simply ask me to use another e-mail for future correspondence or even easier, send me a reply from your private account.
When you are not interested, a simple ‘thanks but no’ will do the trick. But it is equally fine to just delete it. I’ll get the message and I won’t be contacting you again.

When you do direct search, like I do, there is no other way than to invade your privacy to find to out whether you are open to explore new job opportunities. After all, my clients pay me to find the best possible candidate for a position. So rather than being offended by the ‘creative’ ways I use to get your attention, consider it a compliment, a sign that your profile is attractive to other employers.

Nevertheless, the clear words of my candidate resonate so here is here is my question for you: what is your preferred way of being contacted for job opportunities?

I look forward to hearing from you,

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What recruitment technology reveals about your personality…

Digitalization is rapidly changing the recruitment industry. An increasingly larger part of the selection process in done online. From video-pitching to on-line games for skill assessment, the recruitment tech market is booming business.

The advantages are obvious: a faster, cheaper and more efficient selection process. I have been working heavily on optimizing my way of working: I implemented a chat bot that allows you to quickly get a response to any question that you may have with regards to the job description. I started using Cammio, a video interviewing platform that allows me to record the video interview but also allows candidates to send me short videos about themselves. I even started using a calendar tool to facilitate the interview scheduling process. And yes, it made the process faster and smoother.

But it also revealed a more surprising advantage: it allows me to make a more informed decision about who is the right candidate.  The use of technology reveals different aspects of your personality, that I might not discover during an interview.

Let’s take video-pitching. For most of use, recording a video about who we are is way out of our comfort zone (I know that it is for me) but the fact that you are able to show the person behind the cv may outweigh the fear. People who grab that opportunity will immediately indicate that they are open and willing to take some risks to reach their goal.

The same goes for video-interviewing: you’d be surprised how much you actually divulge before even starting to talk. It already starts at the very beginning: have you tested the system prior to the call? What do you do if technology fails: do you quickly discover the chat functionality and ask me for some assistance or will you retry on your own? If all else fails, will you immediately call me or will you just send me an e-mail? All these little actions will tell me a lot more than words can say.

The chat bot reveals the curious and pro-active nature of a candidate. Some use it to stand out from the crowd while others simply push the button to see where it takes them. Things that would never have found out from reading your cv.

Will technology in the end rule out the human connection?  Not at all, at the end of a process, a personal contact between the hiring manager and the future employee will remain crucial to assess chemistry, feel body language and to genuinely ‘meet’ a person. But technology might help us in better assessing a candidate if we are prepared to look beyond the obvious.

I look forward to hearing from you

Through a personalized and tailor-made approach, Ingenium Executive Search aspires to assist you in attracting the right talent that matches the DNA of your company

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

3 tips to create a candidate experience beyond the buzzwords

Candidate experience must be the trending word of 2016 and 2017 in recruitment. Thousands of articles have been written about the importance of treating the candidate as a customer as the key to success. And the consequences of delivering a bad experience are well-documented. Reality however shows that in the rush to meet the ‘time to fill’-deadline, theory is set aside and speed is the name of the game.

But accepting a job offer is quite different from buying a pair of shoes (as important as this choice may be J) or selecting the right telecom provider. A candidate will put his talents and career future on the line and will need to jump into the deep end when he accepts your job. To attract the best and the brightest, your entire candidate journey needs to reflect every-day business life in your company and needs to create a sense of trust, re-assuring a candidate that he or she is taking the right decision.

Here are 3 tips to create a candidate experience beyond the buzz words.

Go beyond employer branding
A lot of the leading companies have invested a lot of money in creating an attractive employer brand and promoting it both online and offline. But the candidate experience does not stop there. Every email exchange, interview conducted and phone call are all equally important steps.
To convince a candidate, the reality of the selection process needs to reflect the employer brand and model your organisation. If you promote an open and creative culture, candidates need to feel those traits throughout the process, from the atmosphere in the office to the questions that are being asked. Much more than the words you are saying or the beautiful employee testimonials on your website, the look and feel of the entire selection process will convince the right candidate to accept the job offer.

Go beyond your standard recruitment process
There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to selecting candidates. Attracting passively looking candidates requires a different approach than talking to candidates who replied to a job advertisement. When designing your recruitment process, it is key that you can build in the necessary flexibility to meet the needs of each individual candidate. Candidates who applied spontaneously might be more open to assessment centres at the start of the process while others might be put off by the same approach. Some candidates will want to talk to more stakeholders to convince them that they are making the right choice. At that time, you can involve employees to show them what the real life looks like.
Building this flexibility in your standard recruitment process and having an open mind to meet specific needs of each candidate will significantly improve your attractiveness as employer.

Go beyond the signature of the offer
We all know how it goes: you accept a job offer, excited and eager to get started. But a few weeks down your notice period, doubts come popping up as to whether you made the right decision to leave your safe haven.
It is exactly during that time that you can put the cherry on the pie. Stay in touch with your future employee. There should be more than one touch point between you and your new hire once the offer is accepted. When something happens in the organisation, keep him updated. Even a simple email to let him know that his laptop and desk are set up will make him feel welcome. Make sure that the first day is not filled with paperwork but that there is sufficient room to get acquainted with the new boss and his co-workers. Don’t leave to improvisation but schedule some meet-and-greets up front. Your new hire will feel welcome and his or her commitment to your organisation will have been nurtured and strengthened during the entire notice period.

I hope that these tips can help you to go beyond the buzz words as it makes the difference between winning a star candidate, now or in the future and driving them away. If you need some more assistance or a sounding board, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Through a personalized and tailor-made approach, Ingenium Executive Search aspires to assist you in attracting the right talent that matches the DNA of your company

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