Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Excuse me…I have a question too!

It has been said thousands of times….interviewing for a job is a lot like dating.
Picture this…you are on a wonderful date, the setting is perfect, your potential partner-to-be brought you flowers but… all he is talking about is how great he is and how his qualities would be a perfect match. Wouldn’t you find it strange that he does not want to know what you have to bring to the table?
So why does it happen so often that candidates don’t have any questions at the end of an interview?

I guess a lot of people don’t dare to ask questions out of fear…fear of asking a silly question, fear of appearing too eager or fear of failure by asking the wrong question. However, asking questions, and especially asking the right questions are a crucial part of an interview. Not only will it give an indication of your genuine interest, it will also allow you to assess whether this will be the right opportunity for you.

Review the website, the annual report or the investor comments to identify some smart questions that indicate that you have reflected on your possible contribution to the goals of the company you are talking to. It’s ok to write them down and use them as a ‘cheat sheet’ during the interview. After all, when you attend a regular business meeting, you also bring notes.

Target your questions to the people that you are talking to. A selection process usually consists of different steps. You don’t want to fire all your guns in one conversation. Questions on leadership style, company culture or values are typically more targeting an HR audience, whereas questions on upcoming goals, milestones or plans for expansion will be more appropriate when talking to the senior management.

When it comes down to ‘silly’ questions….well, we all have our fair share of examples. Key here is reflection up front. When a question appears silly, think about it overnight or talk about it with some people in your close environment (or ask me of course J). If, after some reflection, you are not convinced that it is a solid question …don’t ask.

And last but not least…asking questions is not similar to putting people in front of a firing squad. You are better of off asking a limited number of genuine and relevant questions than rattling off a whole list of questions just to show that you came prepared.

Asking the right questions is an art in itself. It can make you nail the job or it can forever ruin your chances.

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