Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hiring the right talent: Make sure that your fish want to take the bait…

My last blog was all about finding the right balance between personality, potential and skills to identify your right talent.
Finding them is one thing, ensuring that they are attracted by what you have to offer, is an entirely different game. True talent is usually high in demand and it is key to find the right way to make them want to work for you.

That requires a mind shift: it is no longer about recruiting people, it has shifted towards attracting them. And that requires an end-to-end sales process.

It all starts by having a clear story: what is your company about, what are your values when it comes to leadership, what is your unique selling proposition, what are the challenges that lie ahead that will enable them to grow in their career,…

It is imperative to follow that story throughout the selection process. A hiring process is a courtship period…both parties get to know each other, see if they like one another. Much more than the actual discussions, the atmosphere surrounding the interviews, the feeling candidates have about the entire process plays a role in the decision whether to accept a job offer or not.

Selling that story and following through is often where it goes wrong. As important as employer branding, innovative selection software, … may be, there are a few simple tricks that will generate high impact on your capability to attract the right talent.

  • ·       Make sure that your selection process reflects the image that you want your company to have in the labor market.

If you want to come across as fast-moving, quick feedback after the interviews and short time-lapses between the different steps will reinforce your story.

  • ·       Carefully select your interviewers.

People choose people so having interviewers that are able to engage candidates, who are able to role model the story that you have to tell, are an essential key to success.

  • ·       Move quickly when you find the right person

People have a tendency to wait until they have seen several candidates before making a decision. However, when you find the right one, move quickly. It will show candidates that you are genuinely interested in hiring them.

Should it be all about selling your company to the right candidate and not about what that candidate has to offer? Of course not, part of the hiring process is your own assessment of the potential a candidate has, their personality and their accomplishments.  But when you find the right fish, wouldn’t it be a pity that he does not want to bite the bait?

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