Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hiring the right talent: a balance between personality, potential and skills

Everyone knows: the key to growing your business is having the right people in place. The discussion becomes more difficult when you need to identify who the right people are. Are the right people the ones who have the perfect technical skill set or are you willing to settle for a candidate with a somewhat different skill set who will blend in your company culture perfectly.

Finding that balance is one of the most difficult aspects of a successful briefing with a client.
It is obvious that everyone is looking for a strong leader with industry experience and a track record of successful projects in line with the position at hand. But finding that perfect match may prove to be a long process.
Most of the time, finding the right candidate is a compromise between what you need and what is available on the market.

Defining who that right candidate may be, starts by looking beyond a cv.
A list of achievements and the right technical skill set may seem essential but it is the personality and the potential of a candidate that really makes the difference. Technical skills can be acquired, soft skills such as communication skills, thought processes and emotional intelligence are inherent to a person and are far more difficult to learn.
So for every position, it is important to determine up front what type of person you are looking for. This depends not only on your company culture but also on the type of position. If you are looking for an individual contributor who will need to engage people from different departments, networking skills will be crucial. For a position where transformation is a key challenge, you will be looking for someone with the necessary stamina to navigate through changing times.
Determining those key personality aspects can guide you through the selection and serve as a benchmark to compare candidates.

It is obvious that not only personality will determine whether a candidate is right.
Technical skills will always continue to play a role. But an open mind and some out-of-the box thinking will allow you to enlarge your ‘fishing pond’.
Determine what aspects of the role can be learned through mentoring or introductory courses. Determine what previous experience can serve as an enabler. Equally important is determining up front the skills and knowledge that cannot be acquired quickly. If you are operating in a niche market, industry knowledge and a solid network may be essential to being successful in a role.

It is important to find the right balance between personality, potential and the necessary skill set before initiating a search. It will reduce the time required to find the right candidate.
Once the right candidates are identified, all you need to do is convince them that this is the right opportunity for them…but that’s the topic of my next blog.

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