Tuesday, July 7, 2015

3 tips to get noticed in my mailbox...

As the holidays are approaching, one of my non-so favorite tasks is to clean up my mailbox. In an effort to be courteous, I review all the CV’s that I have received in the course of last month and send an answer. It got me wondering as to why I have taken the decision to meet some people although I do not have a matching assignment and why others just receive a standard e-mail.

The answer is quite simple: you stood out!
So I decided to dedicate my last blog before the holidays to 3 tips that should help you to stand out and get that meeting.

First of all, personalize your message.
I enjoy being addressed with my name and having the feeling that you researched me. This may sound arrogant but why would I spend time on reviewing your CV if the mail goes to ‘undisclosed recipients’ and often does not even contain a salutation.

Secondly, pitch it!
You are far more likely to catch my attention if you mention clearly what you are looking for and what your unique selling points are.  Good or bad, but in these digital times, I want to see, with a blink of an eye, whether your experience and expectations are relevant to one of my searches.
Rather than spending time on writing an attached motivation letter, apply the basic principles of marketing and write an elevator pitch that is concise, concrete and immediately shows what’s in it for me.

Last but not least, surprise me!
In today’s job market, your message will most likely not be the only one I will receive that day. To stand out, you need to make me curious about who you are. If someone has referred you, mention it. Most people inform me up front when they refer someone so mentioning the connection will trigger my memory. If you contact me after reading the blog, challenge my opinions.
All in all, make me want to meet the person behind the message. Chances are that once curious (after all, I am a woman and nothing human is strange to me), I will take the time to see you and be a sounding board in finding the job of your dreams.

All that remains is wishing a wonderful summer and a relaxing holiday. I’ll be back on August 18th and I hope to have you as one of my readers again.

I look forward to hearing from you,

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