Monday, September 1, 2014

A new era for Ingenium Executive Search

What may seem like a small step for (wo)men, feels like a giant leap to me. After 3 years of working in relative silence, I am ready for the next step with Ingenium Executive Search.

And I am going full-blown... my website is live (don’t forget to check out, you can follow me on Twitter (@IngeniumSearch); I have a company page on LinkedIn and Facebook as well as an inspiration page on Pinterest!

I have also taken the bold decision to start blogging. A new blog will appear every other Tuesday starting September 16th.

I can almost hear you thinking... does the world need another individual who feels that she is so insightful she should share it with everyone...Hell no! That would be giving me too much credit. But, as I seem to be spending my days probing hiring managers to detect their criteria for success and their thoughts on what makes a good leader as well as asking candidates to give me an insight into their lives and drives, it only seems fair to return the favor.

Through this blog I want to give you an insight into the wonder world of a headhunter. What can you expect...well for sure no deep philosophical lectures on the evolution of the job market or commercial pitches to convince you to become a client. I want to share with you real life stories on leadership, on diversity, on cultural differences and inspiring encounters. I also will share some thoughts and reflections on the articles I find interesting.

Some of you may get stressed by the idea that your connection with me may be revealed through stories. No worries, although my writings will contain some examples of real life events, no personal details will be disclosed. At best, you should be the only one that may think that a story is about you.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I hope that through this blog you will get a better insight in what drives me and what Ingenium Executive Search is all about.
However, I aspire first and foremost that my writings will put a smile on your face and that you will get some food for thought.

Should I have raised your interest in hearing more, you can register for the newsletter on

All that remains is wishing you a very pleasant start of the week!

I look forward to hearing from you,