Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Company culture...the proof of the pudding is in the eating

Consulting companies have made fortunes advising on how to create the right winning company culture. Beautiful posters have been put up in the offices, clarifying the exact meaning of the different, well-thought-through values. Employer branding agencies will advise you on how to sell your unique culture to the best and the brightest.

But really…how often are the values merely a beautiful decoration on the wall and food for cynism amongst employees.

There is a distinct difference between how companies would like to be and the reality of every day corporate life. Let’s face it: if a colleague who is famous for backstabbing gets promoted, the poster on the wall advocating for team-play will remain a dead letter.

The unspoken ‘rules of the game’ to survive and thrive in a company are based on observation. People will look at their leaders to see which behavior is positively reinforced through promotion and praise but also which behavior is tolerated, even though it is in contradiction with the values.

For example: if one of your values is excellence, ensure that promotions are based on results rather than political skills; if you preach trust, don’t build a heavy approval process for every decision that needs to be taken.

If you want to create a company culture, in line with the noble aspirations on the wall, it is key to determine clear behavior guidelines starting from the top. It should be clear to every single employee that from the first interview to the last day of work, the core values are the basis for every decision the company makes.

After all, the true company culture is not what management preaches, but what they practice in everyday life.

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