Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Busting the myth of working with a headhunter…

Let’s face it…the profession of a headhunter is still surrounded with some sort of mystery.
Exactly one year ago, I started writing this blog to give you an insight into my wonder world.

To a lot of people, a headhunter remains a scary intermediate, a gatekeeper that may prevent them from getting the job they always wanted.
I want to use this one-year anniversary of my blog to talk about some myths and the reality of working with a headhunter.

Myth #1: A headhunter is not an agent for candidates
To a certain extent this is true. Clients hire me to complete specific assignments and I’ll spend my time trying to identify the matching candidates. In 90% of all cases I will be the one who will identify and approach you.
Does this mean that I won’t be able to help you out when you approach me yourself. Not necessarily…your profile may be a fit to one the positions I have in my portfolio or your background and personality could be so interesting I will pro-actively present you to one of my clients.
However, there is always the possibility that your experience or aspirations do not match. At that moment, I will probably not take the time to meet with you or to have a screening call. It would be impossible to talk to everyone who contacts me, it would mean that I wouldn’t have time to complete any assignment and I’d be out of business in no time. So don’t take it personally but send me an invite through linked in and your profile will pop up when I have a position that matches your skillset.

Myth#2: A headhunter only cares about making a placement
It’s true that part of my fee will only be paid when a candidate has accepted an offer. But being successful in headhunting is all about matching the right person with the right position in the right company. It does not serve anybody to force you to accept a position that you don’t feel comfortable about or to impose a candidate on a client simply because I cannot find anybody else.
The trill is still in finding the right person for the job, not in sending the invoice.

Myth#3: A headhunter does not care about creating long-term relationships
My success is to a large extent based on trusted relationships. You may be a great fit for a future position, you may be able to refer me to an excellent potential candidate or you may even become a client.
In a 1-hour interview, there is little room to really get to know you. Trust and really knowing your unique qualities only comes in time. So I will invest in building that trust and in creating a long-lasting relationship.
Truth be said, I cannot build those relationships with everybody. So make me curious about who you are and why I would need to get to know you better.

Reality is that headhunting is a people business. You are looking for the right opportunity and I am looking for a perfect candidate.
There are a few ground rules that can facilitate the way we work together.
I am happy that Els Deboutte from Make me fly invited me for a webinar on September 21st to reveal my 5 secrets on how you can successfully get past a headhunter. I hope that I’ll welcome you there as well. You can register through the following link: http://makemefly.be/webinar_september/

All that remains is to thank you for reading this blog and for sending me your comments, remarks and cheers. They lighten up my day!
To the people that I added to the mailing list today: I got to know you during the last year. I hope that you enjoy what I have to tell and that I am able to put a smile on your face and to give you some food for thought.

I look forward to hearing from you,

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