Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Help...I did not get the job!

It’s candidates’ week this week! Every day I have several candidates meeting with my clients.
I find this a really exciting time. Curiosity combined with excitement and a little fear…how would the interview go?

I am cheering for each and every one of you but in the end, I can make only one person very happy (hopefully) with a job offer. There are always more people that I have to inform that they were not ‘the chosen one’.
I always dread writing these e-mails or making these phone calls. I know you are waiting for my call or my message and hoping for a positive response. And I so do not want to burst your bubble but I have to.

People respond in different ways to a rejection…some never get back in touch, others start debating on the reasons for not being chosen…thank god I never got anyone who got really angry with me.

They say that rejection is like a trauma. It takes time to get over it.
However, the way you respond to this trauma may be crucial for your future. Your response will leave a bigger mark in my memory than the reasons for not being selected.

Not being the chosen one has most of the time nothing to do with your experience or skillset. The fact that you made it to the client interview usually means that you have what it takes to do the job from a technical point of view.
It could just be that another candidate had a better fit within the team or that your people management style was not in line with the company culture.

So leave it to rest for a few days and then ask me for an honest feedback. You may not like what you hear or I may not be able to give you a response that answers all of your questions but use my feedback for what it is intended. It is not to judge you but to mirror the way you came across.

Does this mean that you have to change the way you act… not necessarily. Authenticity remains the strongest selling point. But if your responses or body language are not in line with who you are, that should be food for thought.

Try to see rejection as a way of leaving a positive mark in my memory and who knows, there will be other, maybe even better, opportunities to come.

I look forward to hearing from you,

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