Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It all comes down to I do...or I don't...

One of the questions people ask me most is “how do I sell myself to an employer?”. In most cases, especially when talking about senior or middle management, my simple answer is “don’t”.

When you reach a certain level of seniority, a CV with increasing responsibilities and clear achievements is enough to pass the first hurdle. Okay, when it is full of typing errors, some questions will arise.

More important at that level, is the cultural fit between you and the hiring company as well as the chemistry between you and your future manager.

Let’s first talk about the fit with the culture of a company.
Your capability to function within the unspoken, undefined framework that is called a company culture is essential to any success in your job. When you clearly articulate the environment you thrive in, you increase the likelihood that you will find that position which allows you to be successful.
It is of no use to adapt your style to please the company you would like to join.

Secondly, the chemistry…
Chemistry is defined as a reaction, taken to be instinctual, between two persons. Chemistry cannot be created, you either have it or you don’t. In the corporate world it is often determined by the question “could this person help me to be successful?”.

The selection process is like an engagement period. Both parties discover each other, learn about one’s personality and determine whether they can be happy together in the long run…yes, for better and for worse!
In the end, it comes down to the simple answer “I do”…or “I don’t”

Am I saying that you should not be at your best behavior? No, not really, every employer assumes that you are doing your best to get the job. If you appear unprepared (I still meet candidates who have no idea what the products are of the company they are applying for) or you look like you are going on holiday (there is nothing wrong with a professional appearance), future employers – but also headhunters, will loose any interest regardless of the fit or the chemistry.

What I am saying is that, should you feel at any point during the selection process, that a position does not match your aspirations, that the company’s way of working is not in line with yours or that your future manager gives you the creeps … express it and discover whether it is a blocking factor.
This may seem scary, especially if you are out of a job but in the long run, this is what will make you happy and a star in your job!

I look forward to hearing from you,

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