Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What recruitment technology reveals about your personality…

Digitalization is rapidly changing the recruitment industry. An increasingly larger part of the selection process in done online. From video-pitching to on-line games for skill assessment, the recruitment tech market is booming business.

The advantages are obvious: a faster, cheaper and more efficient selection process. I have been working heavily on optimizing my way of working: I implemented a chat bot that allows you to quickly get a response to any question that you may have with regards to the job description. I started using Cammio, a video interviewing platform that allows me to record the video interview but also allows candidates to send me short videos about themselves. I even started using a calendar tool to facilitate the interview scheduling process. And yes, it made the process faster and smoother.

But it also revealed a more surprising advantage: it allows me to make a more informed decision about who is the right candidate.  The use of technology reveals different aspects of your personality, that I might not discover during an interview.

Let’s take video-pitching. For most of use, recording a video about who we are is way out of our comfort zone (I know that it is for me) but the fact that you are able to show the person behind the cv may outweigh the fear. People who grab that opportunity will immediately indicate that they are open and willing to take some risks to reach their goal.

The same goes for video-interviewing: you’d be surprised how much you actually divulge before even starting to talk. It already starts at the very beginning: have you tested the system prior to the call? What do you do if technology fails: do you quickly discover the chat functionality and ask me for some assistance or will you retry on your own? If all else fails, will you immediately call me or will you just send me an e-mail? All these little actions will tell me a lot more than words can say.

The chat bot reveals the curious and pro-active nature of a candidate. Some use it to stand out from the crowd while others simply push the button to see where it takes them. Things that would never have found out from reading your cv.

Will technology in the end rule out the human connection?  Not at all, at the end of a process, a personal contact between the hiring manager and the future employee will remain crucial to assess chemistry, feel body language and to genuinely ‘meet’ a person. But technology might help us in better assessing a candidate if we are prepared to look beyond the obvious.

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